Monday, September 9, 2013

first grade

Well the dust has settled somewhat after Maxwell's big first day of first grade.  first grade is a big deal, and my son is a big boy. Really,  I could not be more proud of my oldest.

Maxer was apprehensive about this new adventure.  His nature is of a cautious and calculated sort. He does not adore wild rides on the frogger or the skytrack. No, he prefers hours on end farming or  playing outdoors. Max takes comfort in knowing what to expect. So a first day in a new grade is unnerving.  He vocalized his unrest by speaking of the long hours he must spend at school,  "it just takes so long".. truth.

We spent the night before school mini golfing as a fam followed by a beautiful dining experience at arbys  I got a bit weepy over my beef and cheddar,  mourning the end of summer and the pain of surrendering my adorables to become themselves more without me. (Do keep in mind my 20 wk pregnant hormones are raging) during my messy
 attempt to put into words my emotions at the time, bear interrupts and asks brad "what? Does she want another chicken strip?" Those do sometimes help....

We got the babes settled early,   especially necessary as they are all suddenly battling colds. I prepared all I could and went to bed early as well. Everyone was up on time and eager for the day.  things went smoothly and bradley came home to pray over our oldest as he sets out to conquer 1st grade .

 We arrived to Sandy view with all that was required and before the bell. I started to walk max inside  to assist with locker location and snap some pics. when i shared my master plan with my son, he politely asked if i could please settle for a quick pic by the veen rather than joining him on the inside. i reluctantly obliged and reminded him mommy loved him and jesus was in his heart. then we left.

The best part was picking him up again at the end of the day. as soon as he saw me waiting in the lobby, maxer's entire being exuded pride and excitement. he smilingly made his way over and gripped me in a huge hug. he reported the first day of first grade to be fun!

Max, you made daddy and me so proud for being brave and trying your best. So excited to see you grow and learn this year. We are so blessed to have you as our son!

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