Monday, September 30, 2013

our little hawk

This week brought the start of little hawks,  bears preschool program through Hamilton community schools. Finally. truly,  I felt the same longing to keep bear home with me as I did before Maxwell started 1st grade. However,  Weston was way more eager to begin his education this fall. Bear adores socialization and planning and activity galore.  I found it challenging to keep him stimulated and away from the wii. Bear tolerated my attempt s at educational games and activities only because those were the methods that he earned mario time.  So on Monday,  I was absolutely ready to surrender some of the educating to the professionals; and bear was beyond prepared for some interaction with his buddies and some guided play and learning.

Day 1 involved parents.  This was cool considering I appreciated the opportunity to witnessthis nature infused eeducation first hand.  Grandma came to care for ayla jo and I got to focus on my sons preparedness for the day. We were at Sandy view at record time and made it to little hawks right on schedule.  Wes found his hook and hung up his backpack. He located his nametag, a slice of log with his name on it. Then we headed outside.  We spent the hour playing soccer,  freeze tag, painting at an outdoor easel and getting to know some friends.  To my delight,  there are several amazing parents who chose little hawks for their children as well! So I would be deep in conversation with another mama about the differences between our first and second children and notice bear was out of sight.

A quick search would locate Weston reading with ms. Rachel or riding on a trike.  Regardless of his activity, he was oblivious to my presence. Eventually,  ms. Rachel's squirrel call alerted everyone to gather together for a story. We then went on a hike looking for shapes froggy had hidden in the woods. Wes found the rhombus. Yes, they used the term rhombus. I was impressed!  Well, we hiked back to the classroom for a fortifying snack of goldfish and proceeded to explore all the toys and books inside. Small group time involved creating a stick with streamers attached to it. Bear was excited about his creation.So was baby blue, she aksed for one one for her bibirthday.  Grandma dropped cupcake off early at the school so Aylaroo got to experience some little hawk action herself.

 monday bear went all alone, no mama allowed.  He was eager to go and very enthusiastic when I retrieved him. Apparently,  the class hiked to locate some poison ivy. They even learned a song about it: poison ivy poison ivy, makes me itch, makes me itch, three shiny leaves, three shiny leaves stay away, stay seems to me, that by the time bear graduates from little hawks next spring, he will be able to survive in the wilderness for days on end.

One of the amazing mothers was telling me that she had spotted maxer at school the day before and joked with max by asking him if he thought bear would get into trouble at little hawks. Maxwell responded very seriously,  well no, Weston is not naughty.  What a fabulous brother!  i do think max may have a different answer today though... while jumping on the trampoline last night,  max went underneath the tramp andb bear bounced directly on his raised feet, knocking maxers knee into his cheeck. Ouch. It left quite a wound and resulted in many tears and the end of our outdoor play.  Max has been telling people he got Iin a fight with an ox, and that's why he has that owie.

Today bear was excited to be off to school again.  He was independent and ready to play!  so thankful for those smooth drop offs. Ayla jo and I are enjoying our girl time. We had a snack,  blue took a  bath with her mermaids she chose from the dollar tree Friday night after the boys successful haircuts, and we  made some hopefully delish bread.. Now we are snuggled watching dora til mama gets motivated to pick up the nest.

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