Thursday, March 7, 2013


have you seen the farmer commercial from the superbowl?  so good.  so simple and true and achingly beautiful.

each one of us are created with gifts and abilities that are perfectly suited for the life we live. 

farmers are certainly set apart.  theirs is a job with unique requirements and demands.  it takes a very strong man to be a farmer.

listening to the wise words of paul harvey and seeing the familiar scenes touched my heart. here are some of my own reflections regarding my farmer:

god needed a man who would look after his pigs with the concerned responsibility to feed the people, sometimes coming home two or three times a day to check that they are fed and watered appropriately.  so god made a farmer.

god needed a man willing to sacrfice.  willing to experience exhaustion, discomfort, pain and frustration on a daily basis for the good of his pigs, his chickens and his fields.  willing to make financial decisions based on hope and determination to keep farming despite the volatile market and high cost of corn. so god made a farmer.

god needed a man committed to creation.  committed to finding the best way to care for the animals and the land of which he was made to have dominion. so god made a farmer.

god needed a man strong with humility.  who demands not the respect he deserves.  a man who does his job, consistently and without fail despite the conditions or the reward.  with each load of pigs, row of corn ,or flat of eggs, he gives it his full attention and his best work.  even when he receives criticisms from peta or misunderstood public opinion and ill conceived demands, he will continue to provide those very people with healthy and well tended food.

god neede a man with strength enduring.  strength to do battle with a 300 pound pig, and strength to wake up at 3:00 am on a monday morn and work till late in the afternoon. strength to tame and subdue the land and raise healthy animals.  so god made a farmer.

i am beyond thankful for the farmer god made me and my family.  i praise the lord for all the farmers and ask him boldly for their protection. 

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