Wednesday, February 6, 2013


its lunchtime. 
and i have a few concerns.

this morning, when it was just aylaroo and i, the only activity she wanted to do with me was to watch a show in my bed.  nothing else.  not babies, not puppies, just watch a show.  i gave in for a few minutes while i quickly tried to tame the tangled mess of my house and lured her away with story time later.  okay, so maybe i had to also give her smarties.  which she held in her toes and used them to point to things in the books we were reading.  not. normal.

bear bear is wearing his green shorts.  it is 22 degrees outside and though our pellet stove is roaring, i am chilly in a hooded sweatshirt and hat.  i told him he could not eat until he put something additional on.  he settled on a pair of shoes and his halloween socks. 

i am quite certain bear bear chooses lunch based on what harv likes to eat more than what he himself wants.  lots of the nuggets are disappearing from his plate in small pieces...

baby blue refuses to sit down and eat an entire meal.  she asks to be excused sometimes before she even takes her first bite.  cupcake always comes back for another bite when i call her but lunch is a long process.

while my daughter is napping, my son has turned into a pirate.  i hid the treasure, and he requested that i draw him a treasure map to find it.  me, the girl who got lost coming home for her entire first year of marraige despite the fact that the streets are numbered by me.  bear bear may never come back.

well, i found bear,  but he did not find the treasure. and that created some animosity toward me. so i gracefully switched activities to throwing an arby's frisbee back and forth.  this also did not go so well.  at one poiont, bear stopped pointed to his hand and proclaimed, "mom, this is your goal.  aim right here"

so this snippet is not a concern, just pride in my eldest.  when we picked maxer up from school, he entered the veen and proudly showed us three bracelets he earned with his good behaviour tickets.  as we congratulated him and discussed how cool they were, maxwell announced he got one for sister and one for bear and one for him.  sooo generous!  thanks max!

i am sure these things will resolve themselves...

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! haha oh bear bear i can picture it now, green shorts, boots and halloween socks. awesome. max!!! he is so awesome in his generosity and good behavior! I love that pic btw. and ayla well she is just always such an adorable, even when she uses her toes as smarties holders...