Tuesday, March 12, 2013

take note

one of the kids still favorite activities is to play with their matchbox cars on a small track.  they adore racing them, finding the very fastest cars.  bear especially enjoys crashing them.  ayla jo even finds enjoyment in sending cars zooming down the track. 

my fave is how both boys start the race, "markers, get set, go!" 
instead of on your marks, they say markers.  i love that little glimpse into their minds, like o it must be markers because that is what i know.  the whole on your marks business is just beyond them.

as i was helping to maintain turns and overall peace in the racing world, i witnessed bear headbut baby blue for accidentally knocking the track over.  i intervened and told weston that he needed to apologize and if that behaviour continued the track would be put away. 

he immediately said he was sorry and was back at playing until he sweetly glanced at me and said "so, dad is... never mind, i wont say it."  after much encouragement, he finished his statement. " dad is the boss mom, not you".

wes was trying to diminish my authority a bit, like whatever you say mom, but dad is really the boss.  he obeyed me, but suddenly his actions seemed much more of an attempt to appease mom rather than recognize the error of his ways and repent. 

such a big lesson from a little bear bear.  sometimes my behavior reflects a similar mindset with the lord.  my actions are often more a relfection of habit or meeting the expectation of others rather thana manifest of my love for the saviour.

later that evening, i was cleaning up supper while brad went into our room to relax.  he had been working super long days as one of the employees is on his honeymoon.  the adorables followed him.  things did not sound restful.  just then baby blue came rushing back in the kitchen, pleading with me to "come on, come on mom!  this!  in mommy's room!" and flapping her tiny little arms motioning me to join the chaos. 

so i did.  there before me, was brad lying on the bed, and the babes all standing in a row.  after a muffled "ready?" he began steamrolling.  and the cutes began jumping over him.  well, attempting to jump over him.  sometimes they landed on him, sometime he rolled over them.  regardless, it was hilarious and very inventive of bradley to somehow still be laying down and entertaining all the children. 

lord i pray that the days you give me with these adorables are not wasted.  open my eyes to see your lessons in their lives and enable me to wisely teach them your ways.  thank you for the treasure that is my family


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