Thursday, August 16, 2012

timing is everything

the time is approaching quickly when maxer begins his full time school career.  we are beyond blessed to live in a community that offers such a high caliber of educaiton within a loving atmosphere. anticipation is high for kindergarten.  much of the excitement is due to the awesome kindercamp program offered by sandy view and the outdoor discovery center.  for the last three afternoons, maxer has been chillin with his kindergarten class and teacher while learning all about animals and outdoors and other science type things.  today he came home with his cute nametag and a bean he planted. 

max volunteered a couple of his new friends' names: grant, brazillio, and cadalla were some of the ones he rememebered... interesting.
maxwell got home just in the nick of time.

my first impressions of mrs. pitcher ellicited feelings of adoration and appreciation for the darling girl. 

while max is away, bear and i get to play. 

ayla jo went right down for a nap upon our return home from dropping the oldest off, leaving me and my middle.  o how i cherish this one on one time with weston!! 

sidenote, we had his birthday party on sunday and while attempting to coach him in graciously accepting his presents i asked him what he should say when he got a present.  he replied thank you.  then i asked him what he should say if he didnt really love the present, he thought it over and said "no thank you".

today he wheeled around our newly poured concrete on a two wheeler.  he rarely broke eye contact with me as he circled my chair showing off his new skills.  bear bear wanted to be sure i was watching.

he regaled me with his exceptional talent and entertaining stories about when he was a little boy.  these tales are hilarious and this time revolved around a series of bleeds (injuries) he received when he was a little boy.  so. precious.

baby blue's timing was a little off this weekend, but only for family pics.  otherwise she is absolutely fabulous. 

proof that tiger is still alive.  this is a new record for our kittens

the photo session started with cupcake completely refusing to do anything suggested to her in the way of looking at the camera of smiling.  in the end, i do think we got some great pics.  my sons cranked out smile after smile and my daughter eventually giggled thanks to her helpful aunties and grandma peek a booing from behind the photographer.  i also resorted to piling m&m's on aylaroo's blankie for some other shots. 

sister is watching daddy get home. 

the prinpress currently always tells us she loves us cherry much.  and she attacks the boys with hugs when they wake up in the morning.  presh

so here we are, at eve of brad's golf trip.  only weeks before max's kindergarten days begin. 4 days before bear reunites with his fiance emma on a week long camp trip.  6 days until my girl turns 2. 

it is an incredible place to be.

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