Thursday, June 21, 2012

daddy's day


what an awesome dad.

for real, father's day is such fun because we have such a fab daddy to celebrate.

 yesterday was a day full of brad's choices. 

pig in the blankets for breakfast, a daddy fave.  then we packed up the veen and headed for silver lake.  as we wheeled toward our destination, we were confident that rain would not spoil our fun.  though the temps plummeted and the clouds sprinkled, we found silver lake sunny and hot upon arrival.

our plan was to grab lunch there before hittin the beach.

  our eagerness to explore trumped our hunger and we settled on individual cereal bowls and milk and spoons at a picnic table.

brad's call.

this was my first adventure to silver lake.

 and it was beautiful.

  and sandy. a lot of climbing and walking to find the perfect spot to settle.

 i had ayla jo in my sling and whoa baby whoa.  what a workout! 

we spent the day together splashing,



 and watching the adorables and

 all the dune buggys, razors, trucks and dirt bikes take to the dunes.

the whole day was full of contentment and thankfulness for our daddy extrodinaire.  as a special present, the boys drew portraits of their hero.  then i asked them some questions about bradley.  here are their sweet answers:

my daddy's name is brad alan meiste. 
he is 11 feet tall and weighs 44 pounds. 
his favorite tv show is Tiger Woods
Daddy has green eyes. 
he likes to go to Menards
Daddy's favorite food is chicken
His favorite drink is lemonade from boston market.
For fun, daddy likes to golf.
i love it when daddy goes to the park with me.
my favorite thing about daddy is that he takes care of me.
i'm like daddy because we both work hard.
it makes daddy happy when i paint.

my daddy's name is Brad Meiste.
he is feet 10 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds.
his favorite tv show is dolphins and sea things.
daddy has brown eyes.
he likes to go to sit in a chair outside.
daddy's favorite food is eggs.
his favorite drink is pop.
for fun, daddy likes to play with us.
i love it when daddy gets the sleeping bags down for a nest.
my favorite thing about daddy is the tahoe and the rzr.
i'm like daddy because we both race fast.
it makes daddy happy when i read the bible.

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  1. That first pic of Brad is such a classic Brad face haha love it. This post was presh Lynds-loved the boys answers and seeing the differences in their age play out.