Saturday, October 15, 2011

farmer brad

we have this toy magnet that sticks on our fridge amidst various pictures of our friends kids, maxer's adorable soccer pic, his monthly preschool newsletter and his soccer schedule. the toy is a red barn with interchangeable magnets that go in the middle, like where the barn doors are. it talks, celebrating when the kids make a match or playing music and a silly song when they make a pighorse or some other such mixed up animal. always when you turn the toy on, it says, "hi! i am farmer thad!" i mean, i think its thad. it rhymes with brad, and since farmer brad is our dad/husband, we fill in the farmer thad part with farmer brad. thus, the title of this post.

when brad and i were dating, somehow knowing he was a farmer told me lots about him. his hard work ethic for one, but there was something deeper, more enchanting that just working diligently and determinedly. we married, and that part of brad became more brilliant and more sacred to me. as my babies daddy, i find myself ever so grateful for choosing a farmer with which to parent.

i recently read this excerpt from ann voskamps blog and thought it beautifully captured the captivating and moving essence of a farmer

" It has to do with men and food and that the first man was a farmer.

It has to do with our story coming out of soil.

It has to do with tilling the earth and reaping a harvest and it’s what Goethe said, “Sowing is not as difficult as reaping.”

There is ultimately no crop without unwavering commitment.

These men — it strikes me, rattles me like a wind through dried bean pods – these men who turn over the earth, they revolutionize the world.

When a man makes a living from tending to particles of dirt, when a man does small things well – he makes all things become great things.

And when a man works dirt, he cultivates a life needing patience and kneeling to Providence: you can’t drive a seed to grow and you can’t demand a sky to give"

my feelings of admiration and thankfulness directly contradicts my feelings of overwhelming exhaustion and inadequacy that flood my heart during harvest season as i attempt to parent primarily without my mate. brad and i grow distant as our only interaction is via nextel and is interrupted repeatedly by our attention being directed either to our children or the beckoning of the ready fields. when brad returns home late at night after an incredibly early start to the day, he is weary, i am weary and far less gracious and loving to one another than is essential when our days are so separately demanding.

every season brings another opportunity for me to learn to practice the grace and love jesus bestows upon me daily. i found this incredible method of drawing near to brad and to the lord while he is absent: prayer. i am praying daily and specific prayers over brad, presenting him to the lord and surrendering (again and again) my desires to have brad by my side.

so today's prayer is :

that brad's relationship with God will bear much fruit in his life, and that he will be a man who seeks wisdom and understanding. (Proverbs 3:7, Psalm 112:1)

check out to join along in the prayer fest.

this afternoon, brad will be joining the fam as the corn is a bit to wet to harvest today. we will greatly enjoy his presence and praise the lord for his influence in our lives.

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