Monday, October 17, 2011

the colds came

we have been wonderfully healthy for an amazingly long time full of fun and happiness.

until this weekend. we had big plans: church and a nooma bible study night. both were thwarted when sunday morning dawned without much sleep and with a lot of snot.

maxer had been fighting a cold all week, and sunday the cold was winning. both bear and ayla jo went to bed healthy and woke up completely congested, coughing, and crabby.

suddenly our plans changed.

instead of getting dressed up and worshipping together at ridge point, we turned on the pellet stove and lingered over our day old doughnuts brad purchased when he got gas the night before. we worshipped together over devotions at home around the table. we read again the beautiful demonstration of god's love for us in the sacrifice of jesus christ for our sins. the boys' understanding grows with each study, as does brad and mine. together we grow closer as a fam as we experience the story with each other.

instead of accomplishing lots of goals, we puzzled over these. yes, ayla has joined her brothers in using the table as a platform instead of a table. here she is showing off her incredibley fashionable ensemble.

instead of running around in the crisp fall leaves, we read stories together on cozy blankies. the boys were teaching our little cupcake how to make animal noises and she delighted in the process. aylaroo has correctly mastered moo, quack, meow, woof, and tweet. not necessarily matching the noise to the animal, but endearing to listen to nonetheless.

instead of filling every available moment with activity to make up for an absent father during the week, daddy and baby blue had some peaceful bonding. (please note the down comforter is back, yippee!!)

instead of bible study with friends we opted for hungry howies and a bugs life viewing. amazing togetherness among the fam, snuggled in the nest built right in the middle of the living room.

god gave us some gracious time together as a family right when we needed it, after a long week of fieldwork. though we missed the community we had planned on, we wholly embraced the family time.

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  1. YAY! That nap with baby ayla looks heavenly. Love you!