Tuesday, August 9, 2011

toothpaste is important

mondays are long long days for this mama. after a glorious sunday during which we got to spend every waking moment together as a fam of five, mondays are a big adjustment without our dad. to make matters even longer, brad has golf league, so he not only gone for the day, but also for the night.

yesterday was absolutely super. we played at a pool with our dear friends the nykamps. eden, their eldest, took beautiful care of ayla jo while the boys all played with maxer and bear's new monster trucks.

we went to the library where my dreams of having a nice, normal conversation with the librarians came true and the boys chose to rent a boring movie and two good books.

we played outside. taking aforementioned monster trucks to the swingset and making loop after loop with the pup.

despite the good times, weston was whiny. way, way whiny. now, there is something inside of me that cannot handle that noise of complaining and whining for no reason. even if there is a reason, i cannot deal. the last time we were camping, i read a book entitled say goodbye to whining. this book encourages parents to look at the heart issue of a child, the emotional motivation to their whinyness. unfortunately, when in the moment, the only heart issue is mine is racing with frustration. clearly, i need to practice recognizing the issue behind the whine.

anywho- the whines happened all the night through. until brad returned. then bear was his precious self.

all this background info is to set the stage for the end of the day when things are winding down. my anticipation is high for some quiet and some coparenting. as soon as bradley walked through that door like a knight in shining armour i began to implement the bedtime routine starting with "brush your teeth boys" and ending with " i love you. see you in the morning" before they were even in the bathroom.

i had just enough time to start preparing the sippy cups for the boys, and glance bitterly to the living room where brad was intently watching the bachelor pad after repeatedly voicing his opinion that my choice of show was smut, before i heard a scream.

i raced to the bathroom and there was bear.

with soap dripping down his chin.

he had used soap instead of toothpaste to brush and now was in misery.

i wiped off his mouth, gave him something to drink, offered him a snack, brushed his teeth with actual toothpaste and still nothing was "working" to rid him of that taste.

the hysterics did make him fall asleep super fast as soon as his clean little head hit the pillow.

oh the drama.

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