Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mini golf, major fun

my little sister kels and i took the kids miniature golfing on monday evening. what a beautiful time of bonding we had! we arrived to sundae sundae golf golf to find ourselves the only customers. not allowing the kinda lame name or lack of people thwart our enthusiasm, we marched to the window, the three adorables in tow. much to my delight, and kels' dismay, the college aged girl behind the counter first asked if kels and i were twins. me, a matronly mother of three, twinner with this beautiful 18 year old?!! yippee. we corrected her that we were sisters, not twins to which she declared we must be only a year or two apart, or ten.

so i was already having a super time. when choosing ball colors, maxer asked for "grasshopper". thankfully, the attendant translated that correctly to green. kels and i were really optimistic in thinking one of us would get to play as well. there we were, all geared up and ready to embark. let the fun begin!

the quality of the course left a little to be desired, and a lot to be attentive to so as not to lose one's ball forever.

things were chaotic. kids and balls and clubs were everywhere. baby ayla was crawling and climbing, bear was swinging and running, max was putting and hitting.

on the second hole, maxer "won the hole" as he puts it. in reality, he got a hole in one. for real, his first time out. what a talented boy!

part of the monday night deal included a sundae. we overtook the small park and

enjoyed our lengthy stay while lingering over popsicles and ice cream and the slide.

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