Wednesday, August 17, 2011


last night was max's soccer meeting.
whoa baby whoa he is old enough to play soccer!
my excitement outweighs his by approx. 17000 times because ladies and gentlemen, i am gonna be a real live soccer mom!! after respectively declining the opportunity to coach max;s team due to complete and utter lack of knowledge and patience, i pledged to be a snack slingin mom.

we were late. i worked late, brad mowed. kids slept in the veen. adrenaline was pumping as we barrelled down the road. then max shouted, "i am not wearing shoes!" well good grief. how many times does this happen?! many, many times. so we race back to the house, i jump out of the van while it is still moving and retrieve some crocks. away we go again.

sidenote. we are taking all three. baby and bear have not eaten supper yet as i let them sleep in the veen while we ate with maxer. so they were not crabby due to sleepiness, just crabby due to hunger. fun.

so hamilton highschool is hoppin. there is a line to get in and i am sweating. a nice man tells us max is u6-10. i responded, "super!" then stared blankly, but enthusiastically until he clarified maxer's team number ten in the under 6 category. got it.

the auditorium is bursting at the seams. we cram next to a nice family on the steps. brad told me to say hi to eric, the dude i was sitting by. so i did, and we did not know eachother but carried on a lovely nervous convo. then i spied sarah essenburg and got even more excited and sweaty. some nice man who directs it all began introducing us to the wonderful world of soccermania.

no stepping over the line. yessir.
be your kids' biggest fan. i am there.
dont yell at the ref. absolutely man.
no snacks. what what? thats okay, i will sneak some in for my team.
i am serious, there are allergies, troubles. no snacks. (it was like he was reading my mind.) no snacks.

so we met the coach mcintyre. got our sched, uniforms, etc. tried to leave, thought i had the coach's copy, went back to the coach only to hear him assure me he intended to give that one to me and i could just. leave.

so glad i made a super first impression.

then we stopped for ice cream so i could lower my core body temp and feed my children an ice cream supper.

then brad proceeded to swerve the veen into the gravel shoulder. repeatedly. the boys would giggle and beg for more. i was over it. after the 20th time, i was like, could you please stop. brad responded, but babe, look at the smoke!

behind the veen was a trail of dust.

the boys, including my hubs, saw it as smoke forming from our sweet ride as it sped towards home. must be a boy thing.

what i noticed and adored was the fact that my man so loves my sons that he makes every outing an adventure.

love them one and all. so blessed by my fam.

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