Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my firstborn

this family loves menards. not only do we get some excellent steals, but the park entertains the clan for minutes on end. i am convinced menards is like the mans meijers, the keep going back, always finding things they did not know they needed. part of our family fourth of july celebration centered on a patriotic trip to menards where i wore my bathing suit under my clothes and felt more than a little white trash.

while the entire trip was full of its usual fab occurrences: 3 potty breaks in 45 minutes, a purchase of a combo's snack pack, and multiple injuries, my fave thing happened right when we arrived. we pulled up next to a really extra long truck various striped shades of blue. the boys were impressed. as soon as the veen came to a stop, max and bear ran for the atv's that are displayed in front of the long and garden center. in doing so, they passed the elderly gentlemen unloading his cart into the aforementioned blue truck.

brad hastened after his energetic sons only to be stopped by the old man's statements about maxwell: "your son is quite the salesmen" he said to brad. brad asked "o yeah, why's that?". blue truck man said, "well sir just looking at him makes my heart melt. its just like looking at jesus"

not sure how to respond, brad smiled and kept up his chase. when brad told me the story, i took maxer aside and recounted for him what the man said. i told maxer that i pray he looks like jesus to everyone he meets. not so much in appearance, but in actions.

lord, may i be instrumental in teaching all my children to look like you.

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