Tuesday, November 16, 2010

good night

guess how long it takes me to put these precious boys to bed at night.
(this pic looked nice and warm and the boys so sweetly determined. but nothing to do with bedtime, i know)

here is a hint: when brad is around it takes between 10-15 minutes to brush teeth, jammy, and tuck in.

well things sure change when he leaves! the last couple of evenings have required HOURS of love and preparation to get maxer and bear to sleep. here is the biggest surprise:

i have loved every minute!

okay, not every one. the minutes that bear cries uncontrollable screaming words i cannot understand due to over tiredness are not the minutes i am referring to. (for future reference: he would like both his teddy bears in bed with him. so if he does that pointing at the door things while screeching and pumping his legs, try looking for said stuffed animals.)

but after each boy was tucked in with various comfort items all around them, pure bliss ensued.

they asked me to sing a couple lullabies for them. clearly very happy to oblige them that request.

we prayed lots for daddy, the black kikiki, and lots of thank yous for items i may have left out had it not been for their reminders. we had candy, warm snuggly nests, new toys, max's bday, and grandma with all the cars, and grandma with the boat all prayed over last night at the boy's direction.

then came the back scratches. first bear for like 3.2 seconds until he fell asleep. then maxer's turn.

but first a pee break for max.

then he was to tired to climb the stairs.

so i carried him. he is heavy. but he wrapped those adorable big boy arms around my neck and gave me an appreciative squeeze when i dropped him off at his bunk. oh that boy. so grown up. so generous with me, allowing his younger sibs to hang on me and be held while he goes without. but in those tired moments before he falls asleep, he cherishes being held, and getting his back scratched, and being so loved and adored by his mama that sleep engulfs his tired body and peace fills his tired mind. as i gazed at that big boy all snuggled up tight, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude that jesus gave me that precious boy. yes he can be naughty and whiny and even a little exhausting, but he has filled every day of the last four years with a joy like no other and love overflowing.

i hope tonight brings more quiet time of adoring reflection of one mama and her two sons.

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  1. You are a wonderful momma Lyndsey Jo!!! Tears fill my eyes as I read your funny yet tender words! Treasure and cherish every moment! You are training and equipping the next generation and there is not other task that compares!

    Love you tons! Mary