Friday, November 12, 2010


the love of my life turns 33 tomorrow. my desire to celebrate the whole day through directly contrasts with his desire to go to deer camp tomorrow. well, the bday boy wins. as much as the circumstances create a bipolar response from me: overwhelming love and appreciation in celebration of my man's birth, juxtaposed with frustration and sadness at my man's departure; i am rather grateful the two events are on the same day. it makes me try harder to be nice and send him off with a kiss and fond memories instead of guilt :) i just really depend on the man.

so this happy birthday, i will fondly relate the blessings brad brings into my life and focus on those instead of the sadness of not having the fam complete without him.

- the daddy playtime. oh these boys need to play like boys: wrestling, throwing/catching balls, running wild, riding on people: all things dad does better or instead of mom.

- my morning kiss. though i can barely remember brads departure in the morning as i am desperately trying to squeeze in the last minutes of available sleep, i always recall the sweet kiss and proclamation of love every am.

- his appreciation of my cooking. when it is just me and the boys and baby ayla, i am really the only one willing to branch out of the usual mac and cheese or hotdog options for mealtime. with brad home, he always bravely tries new recipes, and assures me my hard work in the kitchen is well worth the effort.

- the sense of security that bradley brings. he sleeps on the side of our bed closest to the door in order to be in better position to protect me if we had an intruder. ADORABLE

- the team. brad and i make such an incredible team. we balance one another's concerns, hold one another's hands through good times and bad, tag team with disciplinarian issues, willingly hear one another's troubles and tribulations, and build one another up when needed. i am way better at teamwork than independent parenting.

- attitude. never have i interacted with someone as jokey, funny, and consistently upbeat as my hubby. though it can grate on one's nerves if not feeling the same temperament at the time, spending some quality time with brad will ensure your spirits are lifted.

until my many man returns with a buck in the back of the truck (or corey's deer as the case was last time :)), i will do my best to enjoy the time with my kiddos all to myself and not shave, cook, or really wear anything but comfy clothes. books will be read, mcdonalds will be eaten, and brad will be missed!!

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