Monday, November 29, 2010

celebrations continue

the turkey is almost gone, but that does not mean the fun and festivities are over! another day of celebrating dawned on sunday.

we took the whole fam to 10am church and sat in the centre, the old auditorium of ridge that is now equipped with play structures and tables galore to encourage families to experience church together. this scenario works well for us as our children are phobic about nursery, and i am phobic about the germs in nursery (we had the flu 4 times last winter, i have cause for concern). the ready availability of cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch just solidifies this venue as the best choice for the meistes. well, the good times got better when my bro, sissies and almost bro in law rounded out our table. in the midst of worshipping and learning more ways to be jesus to people, one adorable boy playing near my more adorable boys stood on a block and roared obnoxiously. as that boys parents were gesturing to one another to tend to the situation and get that lion under control, bear bolts up, charges over to the lion and stands mere inches from the kid, right up in his face. bear did not utter a word, just stood there and glared menacingly into the childs face. lionboy stopped immediately, stepped down and went to play with some girls.

i almost peed my pants. that bear, he has got it under control!!

anywho, we churched, we returned home, we loaded up maxer and weston in brads parents vehicle and ventured forth to megan's vogelzang bridal shower. entertaining. such a cacophony of STRONG personalities. meggles was sure showered with something...

when we finally came home for the afternoon, we marinaded in the christmas spirit present in our home through the tree (my one and only decoration), and christmas music. so far only 5 ornaments have been broken. the tree has been up for 1 day. max and wes really especially enjoy a little stroller ornament that i received as a newborn. the stroller contains a teeny tiny ornament baby and the boys are constantly checking on that baby. i keep moving the ornament higher and higher up the tree which results only in the dragging of stools over to the tree and boys climbing up said stools and tumbling into said tree. i have a feeling that ornament may be the sixth to be broken.

we headed over to the lampens (brads parents) for pizza in the evening. delish for sure. my fave is just the 20 minutes it takes to get all children locked and loaded into the veen. hilarious. the whole time both bear and max start hollering for daddy to drive, not mommy. so, without fail, brad of course pretends he is going to drive and the boys panic and yell and beg and scream for him to drive. do you think this says anything about my driving skills? let's be honest, good driver or not i will be behind the wheel of that fine looking piece of vehicular machinery come rain or shine. watch out other drivers!

rest assured, ayla is doing well. i bought her stocking today while at meijer. it is hot pink with faux fur and glitter. yes, i love having a girl!! check her out in her cute christmas dress!

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  1. That dress is too cute... and Ayla makes it even better :) Glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!