Tuesday, August 10, 2010

jelly man

many summer days are spent playing out on the swingset in our backyard. maxer and bear create mini farms in the sand, swing, slide, hang out in the "fort" and otherwise expend lots of energy and happy hours. during their adventures, i leisurely sit in a lounge chair reading and exclaiming about the boys antics every now and then. oh how i love these days.

the location of above described "park" warrants some occasional visitors of the amphibious variety. frogs. or toads. either way, those little yuck ribbiting squishy things find their way into our sandbox, much to the delight of my boys. there is much ruckus while maxer procures a pail and attempts to catch a frog. the end result is sometimes a captured toad, and sometimes a squashed remnant of frog- the result of a miss with the bucket.

earlier this week, maxer was successful in catching a toad and became very attached to the thing. when i asked max what the toad's name was max responded, "uhh, jelly man". up to this point, maxer typically named stuffed animals, bugs, etc just what they are. so previous frogs had been named frog. to have come up with jelly man is so adorable and a complete breakthrough in the imagination.

jelly man is one lucky toad. max and bear took turns taking it down the slide, pushing him on the swings, and showing him their fave things in the house. at long last, when jelly man was showing signs of fatigue, we released him back to the wild.

love how my kids make my life such an adventure!

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