Friday, April 26, 2013

here comes the sun

hallelujah and praise the lord the sun is shining!  and the temp is in the 50's!  this is big news here at the meiste farm.  we are in a mood to rejoice.  so thank you jesus!

*none of the adorables are on any sort of perscription medication!  woot woot

ayla jo had her well child visit and dr lund declared her laungage skills to be "advanced".  i think baby blue wowed her when cupcake asked to see dr lund's toes after showing off her own

* the laundry is (sort of) done!  as my babes continously generate laundry, this is a feat that is never wholly complete.  but.  i can see the laundry room floor.  that is a big deal.  espeically since the laundry room is also the back entry into our house and the door could hardly open.  i know.

here are bear and aylaroo throwing stones into a puddle, and getting super super dirty

*the boys use the word "hauling" constantly and it is beyond precious.  example: mom you are haulin your sandwich (during lunch when i was apparently super hungry and eating quite quickly).  "ayla you are haulin", while she runs around the table

sidebar- baby blue just brought me a boogie and "mommy what is this called?"  eeew

*we got to go ride our bikes outside this afternoon!  my face may be suffering from windburn and the temps were very very brisk, but outside!  and the boys can ride two wheelers!  impressive sons! 

another sidebar- on the way home, bear told me he needed new pants and undies upon our arrival home.  i agreed because he used a wet swing and the wetness seeped into his pants.  and then bear said " yes, and i peed a little okay"  no reason why.  just a little pee

*i got the genius idea to put the nest sleeping bags on the line this afternoon to get nice and fresh after a winter of cuddling.

here we are on thursday morning and there were flurries a flyin.  so thankful for the day of sun to remember and hold us over until tomorrow...

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