Tuesday, April 16, 2013


we are assimilating to real life again.  life after spring break is made a bit easier with the sweet memories we made the past few days.  the break went by astonishingly quickly.  we saved the best for last and headed to cadillac as a fam for a long weekend of soul rest and rejuvination.

the weather was chilly, the people were few.  we spent the days going for hikes, walks, eating, bonding, snuggling, and enjoying some quality, uninterrupted time together.  amazing.  i treasure these special moments where there is no agenda, other than to just experience one another and savor the place that we are currently.  my favorite parts were:\

bundling the adorables up for a jumpy jaunt on the tramp,

our mini shopping trips for groceries and shorts all together, a true team effort.

snuggling the fam in for the night.

building fires in the fireplace and basking in the warmth around the hearth.

the peace that comes from togetherness

well on monday, we were a family seperated.  by school, work, grocery getting, etc.  truly, everyone was where they were supposed to be.  but my heart was a bit broken at seeing the scattering of boys.  and they had something broken as well.  becuase there was crabbiness and tears and other unpleasantness. 

day after day of gray have not improved the attitude over here.  things are not sliding perfectly into place.  this morning, i dropped a limping max off to school as his toe was still incredibley painful after a tiny collision with bear last night.  there is no swelling, no redness, no evidence of any kind that an injury did in fact take place, but there he was, a pitiful sight. 

sharing is at an all time low with the inclusion of our friday guest.  and my soul is sad for her as her week has been even more of a struggle than usual.  but my soul is sad for my little prinpress who is asked to share all her toys but yelled at when she tries to enter into the playtime.  i am attempting to use this opportunity to teach ayla jo grace.  but that is a hard concept to demonstrate as an almost 30 year old, so i can appreciate the difficulty baby blue is having.

now this post portrays a week of blah.  and that is truly not the case.  we have been partying (happy birthday uncle alex), and playing, and laughing and snacking. 

its just that right now, noses are drippy.  voices are whiny.  heads are achey.  so we are sprinkling a blue day with some sparkley ingulgences.  an extra show.  yoga pants for mom all the day long.  fruit snacks for a morning snack.  a chat with a bestie just for fun.  and those moments are cherished as well, shining bright in the midst of a day during which bear just literally asked me if he could go in time out...

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  1. I love this family.... Wish we had our day to day together.