Thursday, January 10, 2013

tales of tuesday

we are two days into a back to normalcy routine.  already i was feeling thankful for a day that only one child had to be ready for the public.  in fact, i allowed bear bear to remain in bed until the van was started and maxer and ayla jo were loaded.  when he finally opened his beautiful brown eyes i suggested a quick bathroom break before dressing him in snowpants and a coat on backwards per his request.  underneath his snow gear he wore shorts.  of course.

reveling in maxer's independence, i wore my fave flannel camo pants featuring a hunting dog motif.  baby blue was the cutest by far.  despite her intense case of bed head. 

we returned home and got the middle one fed. the two remaining adorables seemed happy to play wild and free with one another.  until bear requested technology.  a typical request, but one rarely answered with a simple yes.  i gave him an amount of time before we could wii and dove into whatever game or play the babes wanted.  though i attempted productivity in between the barbie/monster truck sale, lunchtime requests and puppies, minimal cleaning happened. 

instead, the highlights included lots of ponies getting arranged and rearranged on various surfaces, bear bear demanding me to draw several kittens until finally i traced one from a book and he settled down, and the creation of a construction paper hot tub complete with mini bear and aforementioned kitten which is now being proudly displayed on our fridge. 

once our fam was complete and brad and max joined the crazy, cupcake expanded her  mantra of "here's a puppy for you" followed by "that's my favorite puppy" to involve two more family members, meaning i heard it even twice as often. 

bear bear tore from the table as he had to go poop.  when brad went to assist him, wes spit on the floor of the bathroom.  brad questioned the spitting and weston denied it.  later he explained he had a bad smell, so he spit it out.  eew.

we spent a little family time with the wii.  the boys are so entertaining to watch.  bear's entire body moves to the race.  max keeps a running commentary in which he thanks the other racers for letting him lead, or asking if he is going fast enough for the other cars.  funny!  brad and i kept glancing at one another with amused grins.

that night, as my daughter and i brushed our teeth together, aylaroo blurted "i like you mommy" and smiled sweetly.  i hugged her close and thanked her, assuring her i love her so very much as well.

this certainly is a happy ever after kinda day.

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  1. your blogs always put a smile on my face. i love reading about the adorables :).