Monday, January 14, 2013

sick day

this morning, in the hustle and bustle of lunch making and breakfast serving, i noticed maxwell was moving a bit slower. he told me he did not want breakfast.  when i kissed his forehead, my fears were confirmed.  fever.

so heartbreaking to see my my oldest who ussually hungers for outdoors and adventure, snuggle on the couch, only ingesting water and popsicles.  this is when i love harv the best.  whenever maxer is ill, harv snuggles in right by him and does not leave his side. (unless he is harassed by our other son).  max sometimes gets annoyed with the constancy of harv's closeness, but the dog's intuitive companionship is adorable.

this pic was taken on saturday during the 50 degree warm front

the challenge of the day then, other than encouraging max to drink and eat, is keeping the other adorables from the tv.  it is like a magnet.  sickness earns the right to unlimited toons, but a sick bro does not.  so i have been making lots of deals with bear.  he can watch to the commercial, then 5 books.  or a game. or a project. or whatev.  keeps me on my toes.  but bear's bear's brotherly love is beautiful.  every so often, he will tell me he needs to check on maxer and will be right back.  though i suspect a trick to sneak in more max and ruby, he always returns momentarily with a report.

thinking of auntie kels in nyc

ayla jo is not exempt from the tv watching marathon.  she is currently running back in forth from the kitchen table to the living room with my robe sash wrapped around her shoulders screaming super bunny.  also she is wearing bear bear undies...

friday morning brought healing for the oldest, and pink eye for the mama. bring it on

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