Wednesday, March 7, 2012

wind blown

step outside today and despite whatever efforts you have made, your hair will be done for you. it is windy out! but it is warm! so warm. spring is springing. it is 62 degrees right now. i am fully aware that the coming days may hold some highs still in the 30's but we are embracing this while we can!

our sweet neighbors the deweerdts met us at the most protected park we could find to let those boys and little ayla jo run themselves ragged in the outdoors. o how we have missed park playing!

there is something so humbling about the wind.

at lunch today, brad and john witnessed a big tree fall right down across the road, interrupting people's lunchtime commute, changing the landscape forever. just from a wind storm.

any massive man made structures can be decimated in strong winds like tornadoes. like we build these amazing and gravity defying buildings to assert our power, our genius, our ability. and all it takes is a powerful wind for only the ruins to remain as a reminder of what once stood there.

like maybe god is reminding us that he ultimately holds the power. he always has. he always will. despite our careful planning, our painstaking construction, our lives, just like impressive skyscrapers, are really only at his command. he need only blow on our best laid ideas for the pieces to scatter. and he will show us how to put them together again.

disclaimer, i am in no way saying the awful and devastating tornadoes are serving as a warning to the victims. i dont think god necessarily punishes his children like that. i am only suggesting that perhaps we can allow the occurrences in our lives to recognize the whole picture, the heaven, hell, spiritual warfare, picture. the picture that extends beyond ourselves and getting the laundry done today...

you know what else is humbling? feeling like you are mothering like a champ, whipping up a batch of puppy chow for you children, allowing bear to take in a bowl into school as a welcome home snack for maxer only to have those precious kids spill it all over the carpet. right on. even when you pick up all the pieces, there is a lot of powdered sugar that remains. in the hallway. for every other parent to walk over. some of those preschool parents attempted to help, others glanced with grimaces at this problem as blue cried, bear fought, max left and i scrambled to locate a vacuum. funny. no longer feeling like the mothering champ. :)

another humbling state of affairs: cupcake suddenly grew out of anything and everything 18months. moving on to bigger 24 months ensembles. that happens quick!

today i am humbled. by the power of our lord. by the beautiful fact that he is big enough to command the winds, and small enough to enter into my daily mishaps. humbled by the cuteness of my children and the responsibility i have to live lives worthy of their calling. humbled by the generosity of people who have come together to support little elliot. humbled by the gift of this life.

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