Thursday, March 1, 2012



on feb 29!
in holland, Mi!
we celebrated by donning minimal outerwear and heading to the outdo discovery center. as they are doing some renovations, there were dirt piles to welcome us. the boys wasted no time in climbing up and sliding down these enormous piles of mud. that activity right there rivals going to crazy bounce in the world of my adorable boys. good times.

now ayla jo is not that content to ride along in the stroller these days.

she says down down and points to the ground where she runs as fast as her little leggers can carry her. the cutest thing ever. baby blue follows her bros everywhere, including into puddles. and who can resist springtime puddles created from the rapidly melting snow.

the elk were ramped up about something. probs the springtime temps. regardless, when my cuties approached them they would run to that worthless little fence and charge at my kids. well i know there have never been any elk escaping from the odc due to insufficient protection but letting my darlings stand in the path of an elk charge is not a natural thing.

for a mama. apparently it is something extremely fascinating and engaging for my exceptional offspring.

thankfully, we all left unscathed. and that aylaroo was beyond brave in the face of an elk charge. sister has even learned to bugle like the boys. if the elk got a bit to close, i happily obliged in scooping her up and snuggling her, telling her mama's got her.

maxers response to the dangerously charging elk "i wish i had my gun right now"

we ended the trip with a visit to the pond where we checked for fish and marveled at the mini waves. what a blessing warm february days are!

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