Monday, February 6, 2012

well child (s)

at 10:07 this morning, i am home, have a baby sleeping and two boys watching an educational dvd from the library. today's choice is there goes a monster truck with dave and becky, cerca 1980. hilariously out of date with their acid washed jeans and big hair. i am laughing hysterically as monster truck driver dave is explaining big dummy the truck, and my boys repeat big debbie and giggle.

this morn is pretty typical. except, we are home after already having one dr's appointment during which all three children were seen by dr lund, followed by a donut outing, and a quick stop at the library. all this before 10am.

needless to say, i just brewed another cup of coffee.

oh my kids are cute. i really hate dr's visits due to the anxiety of hustling three kids out the door and in a presentable fashion and the stress of their behaviours and possible pokes. this morning was all in all a blessing. though i had to awaken each child from a hard slumber, they woke happily and agreeably. i had planned to leave the house at 7:30, and woke bear up at 7:27. we were a little late in our departure, but that fiesty meiste had only smiles and games while i dressed him in his half slumber. maxer was quite concerned, even threatening pukes last night out of fear, but he also went right to work getting ready for the day this morning.

we arrived right on time and checked in with miss tammie, a nurse we know and adore. i then noticed ayla jo was still sporting her jammie top and chose to overlook that little glitch. the boys sat quietly on the couch waiting for our turn. i was such a proud mama of these polite and well behaved boys. when we were called back, both boys were weighed and measured. maxer is in the 97th % for height. wow! bear is a bit on the smaller side, but very healthy and consistent.

both boys also had their vision and hearing tested. bear was a little clueless as to the happenings, but managed to pass. maxer had no trouble and his little face was precious in his expression of concentration and delight at knowing he was doing well.

with a slight wheeze in max's breathing and in baby blue's the only concern, we were on our way home an hour later. thank you dr lund for seeing all three.

to celebrate the awesome news of basically healthy kids, we went to good time donuts. we were all able to choke down some of those good time donuts while watching the disgusting fish floating around their dirty tank. i think the kids were not as grossed out as i was. but, eww. clean the tank people.

one more stop, a library trip rounded out the morning. here is what i know. we accomplished a lot this morning, but there is a lot of day ahead of us. and i am already getting questions regarding brad's arrival at the home front.

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  1. OK, even grosser is that the fish change quite often. There are weeks with no fish, with five fish, two fish...We choose to think that the family eats the fish. The alternative is that she uses the fish somehow in her...donuts. Those donuts taste too good to have fish in them, but oh my! I know what you mean about those gigantic fish in the grimy tank. Hmmm....makes me hungry for a donut.