Monday, February 27, 2012


literally every time we are out in public with the kids, whether it be meijer, or blockbuster, or russ', someone always tells me to cherish this time with them, that this time goes by so fast. already i know they are all correct. for it is incomprehensible to me that i have been a mommy for 5.5 years. i am daily reminded of all the growth and maturing happening. my eldest now points out letters on everything, my youngest son can swim under water in the hot tub and my baby ayla jo runs back and forth in the living room with her brothers.

weekends are such perfect opportunities to really enjoy these ever growing and ever changing children. the whole fam is together and we just adore being in one another's company. cinnamon rolls on a sunday morning set the right tone for the day of worship and togetherness. sweet, special and delish. after a leisurely morning while daddy quick helped out at work, we gathered kids and headed out to boston market. quick note, boston market, though they have amazing chicken, they do not have ketchup. this is very detrimental to my kids' experience as they mostly eat ketchup with a little chicken attached. so, my bad for not bringing my own.

the sun was streaming, the snow glistening, and the veen was running as smooth as it did back in the days of 100,000 miles. so we drove. all the way to the beach. though i had visions of a walk on the snowy sand, brad had visions of napping in the sun. and he tried.

the babes were watching chitty chitty bang bang in the back. this is my fave movie of all time. so i was singing along to truly scrumptious, you're truly truly scrumptious. scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait, while all three kids were locked onto the screen. when brad got his fill of my musical stylings, we hit the open road again to find a bowling alley. the one we found was closed. so then we just drove home and bundled the big boys for some mule riding/sledding. because we have snow. and it is exciting!

yesterday held one more outing for the meiste's, a trip to blockbuster in order to rent balto, again, and max's choice a hot wheels racing movie. this choice is quite different from a wolf dog saving a village by delivering meds, it has crazy music and car noises the entire full length feature film. but maxer was especially enamoured and bear tolerated the show as he is mostly a follower of max's lead. which is comical in its intensity.

by the end of the day, when brad took the boys upstairs and i cuddled my baby blue for one last bedtime story, i again felt overwhelmed with blessings and thankfulness for yet another day to love on and soak in these beautiful babes.

just so all are fully aware of the reality of our lives, and not just the extremely precious parts, as i write this blog, the boys are having a spitting contest. at each other. and i am letting it happen. so i can type. i know, mom of the year...

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