Monday, December 3, 2012


this morning as i rolled into sandy view with minutes to spare before the bell rang, i parked the new van glancing anxiously at the new alert on the dashboard when maxer rocked my world with these words

i think i am just going to walk in by myself.


yeah, you can tell me you love me and jesus is in my heart in the van.


yeah mom, i am brave

o, yes you are you 6 year old!!

also brave is bear bear.
he poops in the dark.  complete blackness in the bathroom, but there he is pooping.  and he poops naked.  so i just walked by the bathroom to put some shoes in ayla jo's room to find a naked son pooping in the dark. 
my world is exciting for sure.

baby blue is a little different than her brothers.  cupcake is super frightened of certain parts in movies the boys never were fazed.  she also is scared to step over the threshold of the elevator, pointing to the crack and screaming monsters.  darling gets frightful at night sometimes calling out and telling me scary monsters.  aw, i am happy to rescue the little prinpress.

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