Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my girl's giggles

allow me to take a moment to delight in my daughter.

for she is precious, adorable, and worthy of celebration.

i am so blessed to be the mama to this sweet little baby girl. ayla jo is four months old, and her whole family is absolutely in love with her. we think her smiles beyond cute, her coos darling, and her newly found giggles so sweet! thought it still takes some effort to get those little baby laughs out, they are well worth it! the boys are enjoying interacting with their baby sis a little more. she is reaching for toys and rewarding the boys for their attention with responses that they run and tell me about. brad is so enjoying being a daddy to a lovely little girl, already she has captivated her dad and he is determined to be her protector.

i do feel a little badly for innocent passers by who so much as take a second glance over at my little ayla jo, for i assault them with information about the little bundle i carry in my sling hither and yon. "this is ayla jo. she has two older brothers and wow am i loving all this pink! see this cute little shirt? well my dear friend is letting me borrow this. and this hat, i know, functional and adorable! she loves shopping with her mama...." typically at this point, the stranger starts inching away and i tear myself away from the conversation to continue with my task at hand. i realize the awkward positions i put people in, but i just cannot help myself. my love for ayla overwhelms me and has to escape somehow!

dressing her this holiday season is pure enjoyment. there are dresses with frills, headbands, and shoes, oh my! though she rarely is seen in public out of one of her pink little snowsuits, i know that she is rockin a baby girl dress and that is all that matters. at church on sunday i about pulled a muscle trying to wrench ayla free of her cute coat in order to show off her darling dress. as the ridge pointer had already moved on, i just showed brad again. he responded equally kindly the third time i showed him her outfit.

i cherish my morning time alone with ayla and the lord. every morning i pray that god equips me to demonstrate to all my children what it is to know him. these babes of mine are such beautiful gifts, i want to do all in my power to give them right back to Him.